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Caring & Compassionate Estate Sale Auctions

Liquidation of estate assets of a loved one or business can be an emotional and intimidating process. My Auction Addiction assists families, trustees, executors, and others in estate sale services, moving and downsizing sales, as well as business liquidations and storage unit auctions. We also offer our services for Seniors in Transition with moving & downsizing sales.

You may ask, “Why don’t I just do my own estate sale?” The answer is simple, you can, but doing your own estate sale can be very difficult both emotionally and physically. Here’s why we think you should choose My Auction Addiction for your estate or the estate of a loved one.

Why Use My Auction Addiction?

Why Use My Auction Addiction?

  • Low overhead means the lowest possible commissions
  • Maximize income through competitive and long duration bidding
  • Better suited for higher end Estates over old fashioned “Garage Sale” type Estate Sales
  • We know what valuable items to look for
  • We have a large database of thousands potential buyers providing your sale the maximum exposure while not exposing your property.
  • Reduced time on site, extremely fast!
  • Reduced traffic for location, usually only two employees on site and only paid buyers come to location if you choose
  • Less people looking through your loved ones items
  • Ideal for restricted access, Gated or Rural communities.
  • Complete inventory and reconciliation at no additional charge
  • No theft loss
  • Comprehensive evaluation of Estate

Benefits of Using My Auction Addiction

Lower commissions

Up to half of other estate sale companies

Better security

Only our Professionals and paid buyers come to the home

Everything is out

Sell nearly everything and we arranged for a worthy charity for pick-up of left overs

More privacy

Less people going through your loved ones belongings and address not disclosed until pick up

Better returns

Through the auction process you get much closer to market value

Complete reconciliation

Provided at no extra cost!

Need Help With An Estate Sale?

We've put together a free 6-part video series that will help you.

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6 Easy Steps for Estate Sales by My Auction Addiction

6 Easy Steps for Estate Sales by My Auction Addiction

  1. We meet at the Estate and complete comprehensive contract setting up an auction closing date and designated pickup time
  2. Next, we take pictures and inventory all items being sold
  3.  Items are appraised and evaluated. An auction catalog is created with starting bids based upon the items value. Buyers can immediately start bidding.
  4. The estate sale closes (usually 2 weeks after inventory), but set according the needs of our clients and their estates
  5. All items are picked up and removed during a 3-5hr pick up window (Times may vary according to the size and needs of of the estate)
  6. You get paid within 10 days of your estate sale
Quick Tips for a Successful Auction

Quick Tips for a Successful Auction

  • Do not tackle it on your own.  We get paid to do this and can cut the emotional stress while earning a better return.
  • If you do your own sale, you will be left with lots of items that did not sell and we may not be able to help due to better items being gone. The more variety, the better the sale!
  • Do not throw away items of value.  Call us if in doubt!
  • Do not cash in Coins, Fire Arms, Jewelry, or Vehicles to dealers.  We typically achieve FAR higher results even after commission costs.  Higher end items also bring more attention to your estate sale and help sell everything else.
  • Plan on providing us with a key for access.
  • Make sure all family members have had a chance to pick something out from the estate before we start.
Consultations, walk throughs and evaluations are free!

We can also help with referrals for Realtors, pest control, Senior Movers, clean up or demolition and more! Just ask.

Common Questions

  • Who Needs the services of My Auction Addiction?

    When one is downsizing, closing a business or relocating or when one experiences the loss of a loved one.

  • What is an estate or household sale?

    An Estate or household sale is the sale of personal property and anything of value in a short time frame.

  • Do you charge for consultation?

    There is no charge for the initial consultation/evaluation of your property.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our fee is competitive and is a percentage of the total sale. There are no upfront fees and our rates are up to HALF of other Estate Sale companies!

  • What are the goals of an Estate Sale?

    To liquidate the Estate completely, leaving the home empty and ready for sale and achieve the highest possible financial return.

  • How do you price items?

    Items are priced according to the current market value. Specialty items are carefully examined and extensive research is done to choose a starting bid.

  • How is my property left after the sale?

    The house is left empty, broom clean, and ready for viewing.

  • Do you offer other services?

    Other services can be discussed at the time of the initial consultation and evaluation of property. We can be flexible to your needs and the needs of the estate. We can also provide referrals for services we don’t provide such as realtors, house cleaners, and more.

  • How and when do I receive my money from the sale?

    You will receive your money after the sale within one week.

  • Do real estate agents use your services?

    We have many realtors using our services and can provide referrals. We are also the only Estate Liquidator that belongs to the Realtors Association.

  • Do I need Probate Court?

    The answer is very likely yes. To access bank accounts, sell property and fulfill the wishes in the will as the individual representative. Informal probate is quite simple, but does take 60-90 days.

  • What should I throw or give away?

    Typically we prefer you call us first to consult. However, if it is trash with no recycle value, general clothing or opened or expired food, it should be tossed or donated to charity.

  • What should I keep?

    Items that you have a strong emotional tie to the loved one with. We simply cannot put a price on those items.  Anything you can use at home. But don't risk turning your house into a storage facility! Be sure to have other heirs and family members see what they may want to keep.

  • When should I call?

    As soon as you start the probate process so we can help evaluate the value and contents.  Depending on whether there are creditors the sale could occur 30-90 days out. The sooner the process begins, the sooner the house can be sold.

Not ready yet but need some advice?

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