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Now is the perfect time to become a part of this lucrative industry

The estate sale business is a multi-billion dollar industry that will only grow exponentially within the next 10-15 years due to the aging baby boomer population.

My Auction Addiction has paved the way for you to become a part of the first ever nationwide network of locally owned and operated buying and selling communities using online customized technology beautifully married with old school auctioneering. With your own My Auction Addiction franchise, we will introduce to you our process that will help you get your foot in the Estate Sale industry door. Soon you will be part of this lucrative industry where you are your own BOSS! With your strong entrepreneurship abilities and a small investment, you will control your business, your income, and your lifestyle. Sure, you can start a company of your own, but with a My Auction Addiction franchise, we provide you with a website, our customized software, marketing materials, and all the necessary hardware to literally get your business going from day one. We want your franchise to be successful and we are here to provide technical and franchise support as you grow. We will also continue to provide your franchise with upgrades to your website and auction platform at no cost to you as time and technology progress.

As time goes by, your business will grow as you see fit. This business model is the best in the Estate Sale industry. With our customized patent pending process and auction software, we reach well beyond the confines of the traditional estate sale industry. You will be able to expand your business to moving and downsizing sales, storage unit auctions, and business liquidations. Our model has low overhead, so you and a partner or spouse could easily start your franchise and grow it for an income of up 6 figures without hiring additional help. It’s simple, it’s easy, and you will be able to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Being your own boss is one of the many perks of a My Auction Addiction franchise. You also dictate how many hours you work and it’s easy to balance your lifestyle with your work. No more working the holidays or weekends! With your franchise, you get to choose when you go on vacation too. Imagine that! Your life, your style, your future!

This is a ground floor opportunity for the right business person or couple for this exciting new concept. No experience is necessary, although this would be a great way for an Auctioneer or Estate Seller to grow their business. For a small investment you can be up and running and making money in a couple of months without the investment and headaches to create a completely new technology! You won’t find a simpler way to get into the profitable Re-selling industry, and move into a positive cash flow.

You Provide

  • A strong entrepreneurial effort.
  • Low initial investment.
  • Travel to Albuquerque for a few days of training.

Lloyd shaking hands with a seller

We Provide

  • A complete website, software and server set up ready to go.
  • Monthly support and streaming.(for a re-occurring fee)
  • Research, development and upgrades for FREE.
  • Training in all aspects of the business in Albuquerque, and a trip to your location as well.
  • The first Nationwide network of local buying and selling communities with customized LIVE streaming on-site and TIMED online auctions for Estate Sales, Moving & Downsizing Sales, Business Liquidations, and Storage Unit Auctions.
  • Business Support on a Personal Level
  • Combined advertising and promotion efforts.

The My Auction Addiction System:

  • Maximizes The Use Of Technology
    • We utilize cutting edge technology to conduct interactive online auctions from remote locations or via timed auctions.
    • Profit on the growing move to buying and selling online and social media interactions.
  • Reduces Overhead Dramatically
    • No need for a warehouse or lots of employees. No need to relocate items.
    • Work from home with a small monthly overhead for phone, fuel, website hosting/streaming, and advertising.
  • Improves Returns
    • Broader online reach and extended bidding time period provides extensive bidding opportunities for better Market value returns on sales.
    • Timed auctions increases the amount of auctions you can do, with less time on the job site.
  • Sustainable In Any Economy
    • You can provide the lowest cost Auction services in town.
    • Everyone needs extra money whether they are buying or selling.
    • An aging population means Estate Sales will grow dramatically in the next decade and beyond.
    • YOU control the money! No one gets paid or picks up merchandise until YOU have been paid first.
    • Extremely low monthly overhead.
    • Supports the growing move to a LOCAL economy.
    • Promotes “Green” through recycling.

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