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An addicting way to buy and sell!

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An addicting new way to buy and sell!



Reasons to Buy with Us

  • All Auctions are streamed live giving you as the bidder an opportunity to participate in an old fashioned auction from your computer anywhere.
  • Most Auctions are No Reserve. Everything Sells!
  • Buy local products you can pick up immediately
  • Re-sellers and wholesale buyers can pick up large lots and combination lots.
  • Lowest Buyers premiums of any Auction!
  • Live video broadcast of all items
  • Organic feel of a live on site auction with out the commitment of time and travel
  • Shop from home or work
  • Save time and Gas, No Driving Around All Day to sales with prices too high or nothing to offer.
  • Purchase merchandise for your re-selling business without leaving the store.
  • Become a member of Albuquerque's only Auction Buying online social community!
  • Buy local, avoid online Fraud.


Reasons to Sell with Us

  • Sell EVERYTHING at once,FAST!
  • Expose your items to a huge number of local buyers and achieve better market value returns.
  • No need to spend days in the Heat or Cold waiting for qualified buyers to come by.
  • No un-sellable items to haul or give away
  • Improved security, and no crowds to manage, only actual purchasers come to your location. No theft loss and less strangers in your home or going through your loved ones things.
  • Improve income with a larger, pre-qualified buying audience.
  • Competitive Commissions due to low overhead. The LOWEST period!
  • No expense moving merchandise to another location.
  • Auction ANYTHING, of any value, anywhere, any time.
  • Complete Inventory and Reconciliation every auction, no additional charge.
  • We handle collection of funds. Safer, no cash to rob!
Our Team

Meet our professionals

  • Lloyd Swartz

    Lloyd Swartz

    CEO & Auctioneer

    Lloyd Swartz founded My Auction Addiction in 2011 with the help of his wife Esther Swartz. Lloyd had spent nearly 20 years in the rough and tumble construction industry focusing on commercial construction and innovative retaining wall solutions. The down turn of the construction industry in 2008 meant it was time for change. Lloyd had began his entrepreneurial experiences with small businesses by age 11 and has since participated in a wide range of industries including construction, retail, mining, whole sale, restaurants, entertainment and more.

    From Lloyd's diverse business experience's, he decided to create a business model with in an industry focused on certain values, including low overhead, flexible hours, strong industry growth, high technology involvement, high profit margins, and high quality of life for his family while serving very real needs of the community.

    Lloyd's intention from the start was to create a system in which other entrepreneurs, with limited resources could prosper working from home. Lloyd enjoys innovating, helping and teaching others, for which franchising suits him well.

    In his free time Lloyd enjoys time with his Wife Esther and 2 boys Dakota and Jeremiah. You can find his family rafting and four wheeling in the Mountains and Canyonlands of the Western US. Lloyd also volunteers for a wide range of charities and discovered the Snowy River Cave System in 2001.

  • Esther Swartz

    Esther Swartz

    Marketing & Sales

    Esther is mainly focused on My Auction Addiction marketing, sales, training, and administrative duties. When busy times occur, Esther will also work out in the field on auctions and pickups. Esther enjoys helping others reach their goals and get through transitions in life. Being an owner of My Auction Addiction helps satisfy her need to help others, while helping support her own family's financial needs. She and Lloyd have been married since 2009 and have two boys, Dakota and Jeremiah.

    Esther is originally from Colorado and born number 6 in a family of 11 children. She has always had a strong work ethic and her first official job started when she was 12 years old. Every position she has held, she has started at the very bottom and work her way up the ladder. Her skills include working for and managing a floral shop, retail, money management, inventory control warehouse manager, and an administrative and marketing assistant to management. After high school, Esther began attending Colorado Mountain College in pursuit of becoming a veterinary technician. Even though her love for animals continued, she found that that industry was not for her or her future. She then took several computer programing classes to further her education, but soon realized that college was not for her. In 2005, she was hired for a position where she began working in the file room, but soon made her way up to a managerial position and found her love for learning more on computer technology, marketing, and managing people. In 2008, Esther met Lloyd and gave up her position in Colorado to move to New Mexico. After a short break from her Colorado office, she was rehired and has continued working for the same company in a work from home position. She has maintained this position, while being a stay-at-home mom with her boys, also assisting Lloyd in starting up and running My Auction Addiction. Over the years, Esther's skills in creating marketing materials have grown and she continues learn and create marketing materials for all MAA productions.

    Esther's Colorado roots are strong and she loves to ski, mountain bike, hike, and while she is no marathoner, she also enjoys outdoor running. Owning a business can be tough and present challenges that she never knew existed. However, if asked, she will tell you her biggest challenge in life has been having and raising two little boys to be decent, life-loving humans and she wouldn't change that for the world!

Uniting Local Sellers with Buyers in Albuquerque and the surrounding area