Business Asset Liquidations

Liquidate a "Better, Less Stressful, Way!"

For a variety of reasons, businesses close and need assistance liquidating. Sure, you can do try to sell everything on your own or hire an out-of-town liquidator company, but you will find that liquidation is hard, emotional, and complicated and you need a friend in your corner to help you through the transition. Keep it local and let My Auction Addiction help you liquidate your business.

If you are a creditor, Insurance Company, or other valued commercial client we can provide dynamic and flexible services for your project with complete accountability.We have experience with nearly every type business liquidation such as Auto Shops, Retail Stores, Furniture Stores, Contractors, you name it.

My Auction Addiction Offers:


into the local buying community with a wider exposure for your inventory

Ability to sell

from location without the expense of removal from site

Extensive experience

in evaluating a wide range of items

A complete inventory

with photographs and valuations

Thousands of buyers

and nationwide internet reach

A complete reconciliation report

of each item sold and the price for complete transparency

We pay within 10 days of your auction

So you have the cash to settle and finalize the closing of your business

We are a "Better Way" to sell!

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